ScreenCast is Receiver Application for mirroring Android Phone/Tablet and Windows/Linux/Mac/Macbook devices using Miracast or Google Cast. The AirPlayMirror Receiver Application is available for different devices like Android Phones/tablets, Android TV, FireTV devices and Microsoft Windows PCs etc.

This app is highly useful for sharing the screen/audio content of sender devices with family, friends, colleagues, customers or business partners.

Instructions for using ScreenCast App:

  1. Launch ScreenCast App on the receiver Device. The App will start advertising Receiver Device. Default name of the Receiver is Receiver Device‚Äôs name suffixed with ‘Neo-Cast’ or ‘Neo-Miracast’. Name with ‘Neo-Cast’ refers to usage of Google cast, while name with ‘Neo-Miracast’ refers to usage of Miracast mirroring.
  2. On the sender Device, enable casting and select the Receiver’s name from the list. Enabling the casting will vary from one device to other. Please check the sender device’s user manual for instructions to enable mirroring using Miracast or Google cast. For mirroring using Google cast, the sender and receiver devices should be in the same network.
  3. One can disconnect sender device and mute/unmute the mirroring and perform disconnect and mute/unmute.


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