AirPlayMirror is Receiver App for AirPlay Mirroring and Casting from Apple devices. A sender Apple device can be an iPhone, an iPad, an iPodTouch, a MacBook, a iMac, or a MacMini. The AirPlayMirror Receiver Application is available for different devices like Android Phones/tablets, FireTV devices and Microsoft Windows PCs etc. Using AirPlayMirror App, the receiver device can mirror screen of an Apple device or can playback audio/video/photos stored on Apple device or can play YouTube video link from Apple device over local network. This is highly useful for sharing the screen and content of Apple device with family, friends, colleagues, customers or business partners.


o Mirroring of Screen of Apple Devices (iOS version 9 to 13).
o Mirror/cast from up to 4 Apple devices simultaneously.
o Playback of Apple device’s media content.
o Slideshow of photos, images and videos of Apple device.
o Restrict unauthorized user from sharing his Apple device using passcode feature.
o Playback of YouTube free content from Apple device to AirPlayMirror receiver.
o Resize and move the mirroring/casting window in the App view.
o Share game screen while playing game on Apple device.

Instructions of using AirPlayMirror App:

  1. Launch AirPlayMirror App on Receiver Device. The App will start advertising Receiver Device as an AirPlay Receiver. The default name of the Receiver is Receiver Device’s name.
  2. On Apple Device, enable AirPlay and select AirPlayMirror Receiver’s name from the list. Enable Mirroring using the slider. The Apple device should be in the same network as the Android Device.
  3. One can disconnect Apple device and mute/unmute the mirroring/casting perform disconnect and mute/unmute.
  4. The user can navigate to Settings, where user can rename AirPlayMirror Receiver’s name, enable/disable password for authentication, toggle AirPlayMirror Receiver discovery to on/off, or reset to default settings etc.

Known Limitation:

  1. The app does not work with DRM protected content like Netflix, paid iTunes videos, paid Google Movies etc.
  2. App has limited capability for Live TV from only some Apps or websites.


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